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No Animals Are Harmed

You may be worried that minks might be harmed by producing "mink" eyelashes, but you don't need to be.

Generally artificial hair of eyelash extensions is made of a kind of plastic called PBT. Our OPTIMA Eyelashes are no exception to that. "Mink" means "soft and smooth like mink". No animals are harmed.

Also "silk" or "sable" eyelashes are not made of the materials the names suggest unless a seller claims that these are made of "real" mink/silk/sable etc.

Our OPTIMA Eyelashes are of fine quality, but it is NOT that we hurt animals.

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When you take a picture of the style made of OPTIMA Eyelashes, please send it to us, . You'll receive a 10% coupon on our store! The photos you sent will be used on our social media and online store.

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